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Activ Daily Probiotic Supplements are doing some great things so far in reproduction for Dogs, in potentially increasing Litter sizes!

It’s very early days but so far, we have observed in our Stud, Activ Goldens, litter sizes have increased by about 20%.

This is such a small sample being only one stud therefore can’t prove anything with any credit, therefore we are now about to conduct an official study conducted by our reproduction specialists Vets and looking for different breeds and many broodbitches to be included in the study so the study can be credible.

If you interested, please contact us directly, we are looking for 20+ girls of all breeds.

We believe and will try to prove that Activ Daily Probiotic supplements not only create a healthier girl then in turn “potentially” releasing more eggs but being much healthier also helps prevent reabsorption of the embryo’s during that early stage of pregnancy.

Like we say this has only been observed in the Activ Golden litters, so we need Breeders who are interested to be involved in the study and would like to increase their litter size.

Ideally if your broodbitch has had a couple of litters, she would be ideal, we will need to give her the Activ Daily Probiotic Supplement treat 2-4 weeks prior to coming into season then throughout the pregnancy.

Something of interest, we have also noticed in feeding probiotics supplements to the lactating mother is that the probiotics get carried through to the puppies, it is massively noticeable in the puppies’ coats, the puppies’ stools and how fat and healthy they are.

Very interestingly is that when we weaned the puppies, they all had very loose stools, then when giving them treats fixed that up with 48 hours. Now we are starting to individually feed the Probiotic treats prior to weaning, the puppies go crazy for them so it’s very easy.

What we have also found is when feeding the treats the puppies require less food, the Probiotic supplements increase nutrient absorption.

In the Adult dogs we are having to decrease the amount of feed by about 25%, therefore the Activ Daily supplements are virtually paying for themselves in these savings!

The changes are so noticeable within days once you start feeding them, within 4 days you will notice the stools being perfect, within the week you will notice the change in the coat and in the second week you will notice the general health of the dog improve dramatically. On top of this you will find the dogs that are on the Activ Daily probiotic supplements will have less instances of stomach issues. We found this out by accident, during the testing faze we were running short on treats so we only had enough for two dogs to keep them on the treats after the tests had finished, I had two dogs that had very sensitive stomachs in particular and they had benefit most during the tests so choose them to stay on the treat, 3 weeks later I had a bad case of diarrhoea go through the Kennel and every dog got diarrhoea except the two taking the probiotic treats.