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Billions of good Bacteria into you dogs stomach daily ACTIVates your dogs inner health making for a very healthy and happy puppy.
Your dogs Microbiome helps with the daily operations of their body, communicating with distant organs and influencing many aspects of their health and wellbeing.
Probiotics are living micro-organisms that can provide multiple health benefits associated with the intestines, bowel, urogenital area and immune system.

The Microbiome

Inside every one of us including our dogs is a world every bit as complex and intriguing as the outside world.

We all play host to a fascinating, tiny universe of trillions of living micro-organisms which are collectively known as the microbiome.

These bacteria, fungi and viruses which outnumber the stars in the Milky Way, have evolved with us over thousands of years and, as the basis of our immune and digestive systems,  influence our everyday health.

While we have already begun to take strides in our understanding of this rich ecosystem, researchers also believe it will be the site of much more health science in the future.


In the beginning

They say there’s nothing more precious than a mother’s love. But a mother’s germs are almost as important.

Puppies inherit a whole encyclopaedia of useful bacteria from their mums, primarily through breastfeeding and, if born vaginally, their passage through the birth canal.

These bacteria pass into the puppies gut, where they form the bedrock of a growing microbiome.

The microbiome changes and adapts as we journey through life. Once a puppy starts solids, it’s introduced to a whole new set of micro-organisms, and contact with other dogs people and people further increases bacterial diversity.


A helping hand

The ideal way to support a healthy microbiome is with a fresh, balanced diet and regular exercise. 

Antibiotics and modern food hygiene, for all their benefits, have limited our exposure to bacteria, while processed, fibre-poor foods give our microbiomes little to feed on.

An additional way to help support the diversity of the microbiomes is to supplement a healthy diet with probiotics, which contain bacterial strains specifically selected to support the health of the gut.

Living innovation

Recent decades have seen a huge increase in our understanding of the microbiome, but much remains to be discovered.

As we explore this fascinating world inside, we become capable of understanding processes that were once a mystery, leading to innovations in the way we live our lives.

This is just the start. Stay tuned and join us on the journey.

Children and Dogs

Children and dogs in a household share gut microbes – and these microbes are modified by a canine probiotic. A new study recently explored the impact of a household dog on children’s gut microbiota, before and after the dogs were given a canine probiotic. Not only did the gut microbiota of dogs and children in the same household share features in common, but also the gut microbes of both shifted after dogs received a probiotic.

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A unique advancement in dog health, Activ Daily has created a premium Probiotic Supplement in treat form to support whole body health and vitality for your dog.
Combining FOUR specifically formulated probiotic strains for dogs, each treat contains billions of beneficial probiotic bacteria combined with natural ingredients to make the perfect, healthy and tasty treat. 
Daily use supports a healthy dog microbiome.

Prebiotics vs Probiotics vs Postbiotics

What's the difference ?
Why are they so beneficial ?

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Your product has more probiotic strains than anything else on the market and is highly palatable.
Stools are consistently well formed - dogs enjoy scavenging which does invariably change stool consistency! - so, probiotics are very important.

Dr Noel Smith (Vet)  / Victoria

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Activ Daily - Be Active with your dogs health.

  -    Minimise Diarrhoea
  -    Reduce Skin rashes and Allergic reactions.
  -    Assist with Anxiety issues and Stress-related behaviours.
  -    Fight Infections.
  -    Healthy Teeth, Bone & Muscle.
  -    Post Antibiotics recovery.
  -    Improve Digestive health.
  -    Eliminate Toxins from the body.
  -    Healthy Skin & Coat.
  -    Enhance Nutrient absorption. (feed less)
  -    Support the Immune system.
  -    Improved Stool Quality.
  -    Improve Bad Breath issues.
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